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From: Jonathan Mizel
Publisher, The Online Marketing Letter

Dear Friend,

If you are an online marketer, congratulations! You are now on the most valuable Website on the entire Internet.

Let me explain...

Back in 1993, when many of today's “gurus” were still in nursery school, we started publishing the world's first newsletter about direct marketing online. People thought we were crazy, but we had a hunch the Internet was more than a passing fad;)

If you were lucky enough to be a subscriber, you were one of the first people on the planet to discover techniques that are now considered commonplace; Autoresponders, viral marketing, pop-ups, opt-in e-mail, and digital delivery were just a few.

The mad scientists of marketing!

As Web advertising progressed, our team of “mad marketing scientists” experimented with many new and unique traffic and conversion methods.

We refined how to successfully advertise using Pay-Per-Click programs, get top rankings in search engines, choose hot niches, include audio and video on your site, automatically follow-up with prospects, and much more.

In 2002, we revealed the now famous NameSqueeze™ technique to the world, forever changing the way single-product Web sites are designed. You'd be hard-pressed to find a successful marketer who doesn't use some variation of this technique to build their mailing list.

The newsletter is now free...

Over 10,000 entrepreneurs have paid as much as $360 a year to access our site, often times earning back their fee within a few days. But now, because of a very interesting development, the newsletter archives will be open to the public at no charge.

And just what is that development?

The spread of mis-information!

As the popularity of our methods became well-known, it was obvious a lot of people still didn't understand how or why to use them...

  • People were implementing the NameSqueeze™ technique incorrectly, then saying it didn't work.

  • Marketers were “testing and tracking” their promotions, but had no idea what to do with the information they collected.

  • Newcomers were baffled by contradictory posts on discussion boards about the sales effectiveness of audio and video.

We have literally earned millions of dollars with our methods, and since we developed them, it only makes sense we teach them too.

So, in an effort to clear the air and make the truth known, we have taken our paid membership site, nearly 250 pages of printed content, and posted it on this Web site for free.

The whole enchilada!

This is not a trial subscription or limited offer. There's nothing to buy; no upsells, downsells, or monthly fees (put away your credit card). All you have to do is subscribe to our free list below to be kept up to date, and you'll get immediate access.

The Internet Marketing Community has been very good to me, and I want to give back! So grab a cup of your favorite beverage, turn off the phone, relax, and enjoy yourself.

You deserve it;)

Respectfully Submitted,

Jonathan Mizel
Jonathan Mizel

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